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This rank has no description
This rank grants the Admin Role.
This is the rank a new Kin member gains when first starting out.
The 'Recruit' role doesn't give permissions to the Kins chests and other stuff.

After joining the Kin, the Recruit should present themselves to the Leader or Successor. They will also have the opportunity to discuss what duty is expected of them if they want to reach full membership status.

The instructions for 'Full Membership' are as follows:

For recruits:
To gain entrance to the inner circle, you will need to bring forward a proof of craft and an atonement of honour..
The first to show your skill in craft as crafts are highly valued in the Sentinels, the second a testament of your skill in battle and your commitment to the Sentinels.

Lord Hakiryu

When the Recruit has started on his/her 'path to enlightenment', he/she will be given the award 'Acolyte'.
This award will be removed when gaining full membership status.

This rank grants no special permissions.
The user is considered a true friend of The Sentinels.
This rank grants no special permissions.
A former Kin member.

Note: If the user is still a true friend of the Kin, they should have the 'Friend' rank.
This rank grants no special permissions.