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Mumble and TeamSpeak Server Hosting
(Jul 11, 2016)
today at 3 servertime concert of Nocturnal Desires:
(May 08, 2016)
Very nice pic Bel
(Apr 21, 2016)
Anniversary event started.
(Apr 15, 2016)
epic luck opening 4x lvl100 boxes:
(Mar 15, 2016)
new(ish) MMO, going to give it a try:
(Jan 31, 2016)
soon I hope
(Jan 14, 2016)
wonder when theyll launch the EU datacenter..
(Jan 13, 2016)
Well new servers seem to be having some issues.. as to be expected :P
(Dec 24, 2015)
Happy holidays to ye all
(Dec 23, 2015)
Happy holidays to all!
(Dec 16, 2015)
Yes, the kin still exists at Laurelin. Been somewhat quiet lately tho.
(Dec 16, 2015)
hello, do you guys still play lotro? if yes, are you still on laurelin?